they told me to smile; always

so frowning was all i ever did


Speak Up

Anger and humiliation. Two strong emotions that can change the entirety of a human being. The sweet little boy turns out to be an immature rebel and the shy girl a worthless tank of tears. People say to always express yourself but what if your actions to ‘express yourself’ hurt someone instead? Is it right to shut down and let yourself get lost in immense pain and sea of emotions? Or is it right to speak up your mind with not a care in this world?

They say neither is the answer. A middleman is what you must be. But in reality, is that really possible?


Scream and shout.

The misery that built itself within you,

the demons that began to hide behind you,

let them all out

and let yourself be free.

Let yourself reset.

Shut down for a moment

to set back and see

all that is does not always have to be.


Upside Down

It is hard for some to keep a straight face but for Alair it was child’s play. She never had realised when she ended up cultivating the art; unconsciously and unaware. So much so, to this day she remains in oblivion.

School and work never seemed to leave her be. She was always hounded and surrounded. Be it her friends or family. However, do not confuse yourself, dear reader. Alair loved everyone around her and never once in her life wished ill upon anyone. But even in the crowd she felt left behind.

“Oh, are you going home already?”, they asked her with tears in their eyes. It was always a fun time sharing laughs and drinks together.

“Stay for a little while longer.” Another pleaded.

Alair simply smiled through her glossy eyes, the purpose began to mix. She shook her head and softly laughed.

“You’re no fun these days.” They complained. “Going home early, refusing to go out… It’s not like you.”

She laughed it off with a sparkle in her eyes and left with no other word said.

It’s not like you, they said.

She looked in the mirror, at the smile that was upside down.

It’s not like you.